No legal jargon. All legal advice in plain English. You'll deal direct with our Conveyancer...not delegated to a secretary.

Paul Lindsay D’Olier & Sylvia ann D’Olier

We have used Todd & Sue to attend to all of our conveyancing in Coffs Harbour for just on 20 years, for our last 6 purchases and sales.

They have not only been professional in all their dealings, but have been able to do so without all the unnecessary Guff, by remaining focused.

They keep the settlement moving forward and on time, and think outside the box to offer solutions to any issues that may occur.

They have a great sense of humour, become good friends, and have allowed us to get on with our lives.

You will not regret meeting them and engaging them in your conveyancing work.

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Paul Lindsay D’Olier & Sylvia ann D’Olier